As Chiropractors we have only 1 goal.

To understand why we have only 1 goal you need to understand a few things about your LIFE.

Your LIFE flows from your brain down into your body and spreads out through your nerves into your body. Your brain has only 2 characteristics that matter to the Chiropractor.

  1. Intelligence – The innate knowledge about how to run all 70 trillion cells of you.
  2. Force – The mental impulses used to control and coordinate all 70 trillion cells of you.

So if there is a loss of Connection then the FORCE cannot reach all of the cells and the cells cannot respond to give the INTELLIGENCE feedback. There is something called a Subluxation which blocks(in part) the transmission of the Force to and the feedback from cells. This happens when Stress/Tension of the nervous system limits the adaptation of the Nervous system.


The 1 goal of the Chiropractor is this:

Reconnect the Brain to the Body through the Location Analysis and Adjustment of Subluxation. 

When the Brain’s Intelligence can send a Force to the Body and Subluxation is no longer there to interfere with the flow of that Energy, the Body can organize at higher and higher levels of complexity. This also allows the Body to ADAPT to external forces more efficiently.


PS – Follow these simple rules:

1.Get thee to a Chiropractor.

  1. Have the Chiropractor check you for Subluxations.
  2. Have the Chiropractor Adjust said Subluxations.
  3. Express LIFE at 100%


What is the purpose of Chiropractic?
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