Client Experiences…

I would like to thank Dr. Balovich for helping me to make great strides towards a healthy body and life. I suffered a severe back injury many years ago, one that caused me to have extreme pain in both legs, keeping me immobilized for several weeks. I underwent physical therapy and chiropractic treatment under a different DC, and was eventually able to recover to a functional state over 3 to 5 years without surgery. I allowed my chiropractic treatments to laps and attempted to maintain myself with therapy exercises and (for the past 2 years) an inversion table. I was able to keep myself in the middle between dis-ease and health but not always looking toward health.

I began seeing Dr. Balovich in the early part of 2006. My body has begun to let go of years of tension and blockages. I feel better and the pain in my back and legs is subsiding. I am able to maintain this for longer periods after each visit. My body is relaxing and I rest better at night.

Dr. Balovich has an excellent approach to helping a patient heal themselves. He listens and advises as needed. Each person is unique. If you have ever wondered about chiropractic or if it is right for you I think you should at the least, talk with him. It may change your life.

Thank You,

Eric Brasseur

I was having lots of neck and back pain, with stress in the lower part of my neck. After working with Dr. Balovich for just over a month, the stress is mostly gone. I am trying to get my health back to normal by following his instruction and working with therapy.


For 18 years I experienced a dull ache between my shoulder blades on and off. Massage machine, pain pills, anti-inflamitory medications gave brief relief if at all. Stress and overwork inflamed the pain. I constantly tried to get family to apply pressure to the painful area hopefully to relax muscle tension and ease the pain. Also I begged for family to try to pop my back. Knowing deep inside I should go to a chiropractor my husband finally convinced me after 18 years of pain pills. I can feel my spine returning to normal and my neck and shoulders are relaxed for the first time in my memory.


A Success Story

In the fall of 2005, I started going to a massage therapist. I had a knot in my upper back that had been there for about two years. I had taken aspirin and Excedrin and muscle relaxers. These helped. Kind of. I took up yoga. That helped. A lot. But the relief was always temporary. Finally I could no longer bear the pain and discomfort of this “thing” in my back, which radiated pain throughout my body. It was beginning to control my life – what I could and could not do. How I felt – physically, mentally and emotionally. My golf game was a shambles. And I knew that this knot was probably responsible for some other issues I had, like headaches and numbness in my arm. Heather did a wonderful job getting at some of those tight muscles, and there was some relief, but, again, it was always temporary. She couldn’t really get deep enough during the massage because of the pain and tightness of this knot. She suggested I go to a chiropractor. I was fortunate enough to find Dr Nick through Just for the Health of It, where Heather worked. He had just held a seminar there. So off I went. His office is five minutes from where I work, so I had absolutely no excuses for not getting there.

Dr Nick evaluated my condition and announced that, yes, he could help me. Sign me up, I said. And I’m glad I did. Not only is the knot essentially gone, I have experienced many beneficial side effects, including:

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved appetite – cravings for junk food have lessened, desire for good food has increased

  • No more stiffness getting out of bed in the morning – something I used to take for granted

  • Reduced pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis – I can walk long distances again

  • Reduced bags and swelling under my eyes

  • Improved feeling of general well-being – mentally, physically and emotionally – I continue my yoga practice and have also started working out again at the gym

  • Sense of being in control

  • Sense of peace within

  • And oh, yes, improved range of motion and flexibility in the upper body resulting in a renewed golf game!

And these are only the results so far. I’m not done with my initial program with Dr Nick. The first session was tough. I didn’t feel so hot afterward. This adjusting business was new for me. But every adjustment seems to find something new for the body to heal. Once the body starts on this journey to healing, it wants to keep going. So we just keep on tweaking.

I continue to get massages with Heather. Now that the true problem is getting solved – realigning my spine and skeleton and getting the blood flowing to the nerves – she is able to really get at those muscles and get things moving. Every day of my healing brings a new surprise. I knew I was going to get some results from the adjustments Dr Nick made, just because I had been “stuck” for so long, but I had no idea they would come this quickly. And I certainly hadn’t expected all the wonderful side effects. I was done kicking myself a while ago for not going to a chiropractor earlier, but then I think that the timing wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t ready. Well, I am now and I’m glad.

Thank You, Kathy, for hosting Dr Nick at Just for the Health of It.

Thank You, Heather, for your terrific massages and getting me off my butt and making me see I didn’t need to live with pain and discomfort.

And Thank You, Dr Nick, for giving me my life back.


My name is Kerri and after trying traditional medicines for my ailments and the results being disappointing I decided to look for alternative treatment.  I had the normal complaints of lower back pain along with headaches but also suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and vertigo since I was 20.  I am now 33 and in addition to all the ailments above I was also diagnosed with Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) with a spastic colon in 1997 and in 2005 the GI doctor added Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. I have been on so many prescription medicines to control the digestive troubles that I have lost count.  The symptoms were so severe that I became depressed and stopped going out and living a normal life.  I was constantly worried about becoming sick when out in public and missing work due to the uncontrollable digestive problems.  I could no longer focus and function at work and produce the expected amount of work.  I was feeling like a failure in every aspect of my life, even my son wanted to know why mommy never felt good.  Now after 2 months of chiropractic zone healing the results are wonderful and have totally exceeded my expectations; Rather than having 6 bad days a week now I might have 1 every 2 weeks.  My anxiety, panic attacks and vertigo are gone and I have had only 3 minor headaches in 2 months.  My digestive problems are now very minor and no longer disruptive to my daily life, I have even cut my prescriptions by half.  I would recommend Chiropractic Zone healing to anyone looking to improve their health.

I injured my knee training for M.M.A.. My knee made a popping noise, I felt extreme pain and it wasn’t fully functional.  So I did as most people do I went to a doctor that sent me to another doctor that told me I needed surgery most likely, which wasn’t an option for me.  So I limped around in pain for a month or so until my instructor game me Dr. Balovich’s number.  I was reluctant at first but I had heard good things about Dr. Balovich.  All I can say is that what Dr. Balovich did for me is nothing short of a miracle.  How do I go from having extreme pain, limping and needing surgery to none of these in a relatively short amount of time.  Through Dr. Balovich’s care I have made a full recovery and I’m working out again which I thought I would never do again.  People don’t get a lot of second chances in life but Dr. Balovich has given me a new Me.  Through his care my eyesight and asthma have improved which has nothing to do with my knee but I’ll take it.  Thanks Dr. Balovich

When I first came to Dr. Balovich I was in a complete mess!  I suffered from chronic panic attacks at least weekly.  I was anxious about every little thing and sometimes scared to go to the store due to the possibility of having an attack.  The devil is a liar and with adjustments from Dr. Balovich and prayer I have only suffered from mabey 1 panic attack in 3 months!  How free I feel and Thank God for no medication.
Cynthia M.

I was having lots of neck and back pain, with stress being in the lower part of my neck.  After working with Dr. Nick Balovich for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, my stress is mostly gone.  I am trying to get my health back to normal by following his instruction and receiving Chiropractic zone treatments.
Marvin C.